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K. Chen, Industrial Power Distribution and Illuminating Systems, New York: Marcel Dekker, 1990, 143. EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT Reading List A high-frequency model can be developed for nearly all circuit breakers. All circuit breakers have source-side connections, load-side connections, and conductors internal to the interrupters. Figure 11 is a simplified circuit breaker model. The model consists of a source-side capacitance C1 to ground, a switch S, a series resistance R, representing the contact resistance of the electrodes and of the busses, a series inductance L, representing the bus and interrupter inductance, a capacitance C2 across the switch, and a load side capacitance C3 to ground.

5 kV high-voltage transformer with a 4160 V low-voltage secondary connected to a bus. The bus has feeder lines connecting it to various loads. Only one load is shown here. Note that the feeder circuit has a transformer with a 480 V secondary voltage. The secondary is protected by a 600 V molded-case circuit breaker. Therefore the primary of the main transformer and each feeder line are protected by circuit breakers. Tripping of the breakers between the primary breaker and the feeder breakers must be coordinated so that when a fault occurs downstream on a feeder line, that feeder breaker interrupts the fault rather than the main breaker.

Schematic of a simplified three-phase circuit showing the source, breaker, and load. (a) An ungrounded wye circuit; (b) A grounded wye circuit. 88 × VL−L because there is no neutral shift. 25 ϫ VLϪL, as each phase is interrupted. 76 for IEC standard circuits. After the first phase clears, the currents in the other two phases are in series, and therefore are equal and are interrupted 90 electrical degrees later. Subsequently, the peak of the TRV takes about half of the first phase to clear. Figure 5(b) shows a simplified, grounded, three-phase circuit with a three-phase fault.

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