A 2-extension of the field of rational numbersof rational - download pdf or read online

By Tsvetkov V. M.

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H, all these types are typedef’d to one vector and one matrix class, along the following lines: typedef typedef ... typedef typedef ... typedef typedef ... typedef typedef ... NRvector VecInt, VecInt_O, VecInt_IO; const NRvector VecInt_I; NRvector VecDoub, VecDoub_O, VecDoub_IO; const NRvector VecDoub_I; NRmatrix MatInt, MatInt_O, MatInt_IO; const NRmatrix MatInt_I; NRmatrix MatDoub, MatDoub_O, MatDoub_IO; const NRmatrix MatDoub_I; So (flexibility, again) you can change the definition of one particular type, like VecDoub, or else you can change the implementation of all vectors by changing the definition of NRvector<>.

Preliminaries k=j+1; if (k == 3) k=0; On the other hand, it can also be a mistake, or at least suboptimal, to be too ploddingly literal, as in switch (j) { case 0: k=1; break; case 1: k=2; break; case 2: k=0; break; default: { cerr << "unexpected value for j"; exit(1); } } This (or similar) might be the house style if you are one of 105 programmers working for a megacorporation, but if you are programming for your own research, or within a small group of collaborators, this kind of style will soon cause you to lose the forest for the trees.

An example in Chapter 10 is Bracketmethod, which is a base class for several ✐ ✐ ✐ ✐ “nr3” — 2007/5/1 — 20:53 — page 24 — #46 ✐ 24 ✐ Chapter 1. Preliminaries minimization routines, but which simply provides a common method for the initial bracketing of a minimum. In Chapter 7, the Hashtable object provides prerequisite methods to its derived classes Hash and Mhash, but one cannot say, “Mhash is-a Hashtable” in any meaningful way. An extreme example, in Chapter 6, is the base class Gauleg18, which does nothing except provide a bunch of constants for GaussLegendre integration to derived classes Beta and Gamma, both of which need them.

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A 2-extension of the field of rational numbersof rational numbers by Tsvetkov V. M.

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