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By David Bressoud, Stan Wagon

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A path in Computational quantity conception makes use of the pc as a device for motivation and rationalization. The ebook is designed for the reader to quick entry a working laptop or computer and start doing own experiments with the styles of the integers. It provides and explains a few of the quickest algorithms for operating with integers. conventional subject matters are coated, however the textual content additionally explores factoring algorithms, primality trying out, the RSA public-key cryptosystem, and weird purposes resembling payment digit schemes and a computation of the power that holds a salt crystal jointly. complicated issues comprise persevered fractions, Pell's equation, and the Gaussian primes.

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18). for card{sIO Let N(x,T+I) Proof. 30) in view of lemma 2. 56 --(s,x) = ~ (s-P) -1 I - I g(x)(s+s--Z~ -) (20) + O(A(X,t)), It-y1<1 I - ~ < Re where (3+Itl) n) Res< s < and p 2, t:= ranges Im s, over y:= the Im p, A ( x , t ) : = zeros of L(s,x) log(a(x)b(x)" in the s t r i p 0 < I. Proof. , [78, in the b o t h p. 8). identity Taking the one o b t a i n s logarithmic derivative an e q u a t i o n : L! L (s'x) which leads = B + E(1-+ ~ -p ) - (s,x) ~ - g(x)(I I , ~*s---T' ' to the e q u a t i o n : -~--(s,x) = -g(x) ( + - ) + Z P 1 1 (s_p 2+it-o ) + R(s) , (21) where R(s) and = ~--(2+it,x) t:= Im s.

Is-~l 126], < u}. equation (2)), 55 9~4 9(U)du = I 0 u ~ Since the circle equation 2~ 9 ei@ fO iogl f (~ + ~ ) Id@ - log[f(~) I . Is-~ I = 9/4 (15) shows is contained in the strip (15) a ~ Re s ~ b, that 9~4 ~(u) u 0 du = O(log ~(T+9/4)). (16) On the other hand, (/~) log - -9 = 4/£ It follows from 9/4 94/ ~ (/5) d__uu < ~ u- (16) and V(/~) (17) f ~ (u) o u du. og (18) ~(T+3)). ition 2. Lemma Estimate 3. Let T > O, < Re s < I, O < Im s < T, L(s,x) X 6 gr(k). = N(X,T) from Then = O}. Then + O(log(a(x)b(x)(3+T)n)).

8) agree, in v i e w of representation, (11) a n d ~W(k) p, p = InQw(k, ) then, b y I. 10). , p Finally, E R(k'), (23) if X' = tr p' , (25) = L(s,X'). and X = tr p. m L(s,x) where t h e n the d e f i n i t i o n s (I 2), L(s,x) Theorem (24) = L ( s , x I ) L ( s , x 2) • ej 6 {-1,1}, Xj = e. K L(s,xj) j=1 6 gr(kj), We h a v e kjlk 3 , (26) is a f i n i t e field extension, I < j < m. Proof. p We p r o v e this s t a t e m e n t b y i n d u c t i o n is o n e - d i m e n s i o n a l , it is o b v i o u s simple, w e use (24) degree; if is i n d u c e d use (25) ation p' a finite ducible.

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