New PDF release: A Forest Journey: The Story of Wood and Civilization

By John Perlin

ISBN-10: 1581579152

ISBN-13: 9781581579154

A modern view of the consequences of wooden, as used for development and gas, and of deforestation at the improvement of civilization. till the ascendancy of fossil fuels, wooden has been the central gasoline and development fabric from the sunrise of civilization. Its abundance or shortage drastically formed, as A woodland Journey ably relates, the tradition, demographics, economic climate, inner and exterior politics, and expertise of successive societies over the millennia.

The book's entire assurance of the foremost position forests have performed in human life--told with grace, fluency, mind's eye, and humor—gained it acceptance as a Harvard vintage in technology and international heritage and as considered one of Harvard's "One-Hundred nice Books." Others receiving the dignity contain such luminaries as Stephen Jay Gould and E. O. Wilson. This new paperback version will upload a prologue and an epilogue to mirror the present scenario within which forests became significant for humanity's survival.

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